Important Factor of Jaws of Life

Accidents are pretty much common these days. With the advent of cars road accidents have increased and due to increasing modern lifestyle. Sometimes there are certain accidents where people can be saved if the debris is removed but in most of the cases people die due to lack of debris removal machines (the weight of the debris is too heavy for normal man to lift). Previously rescue teams used to use saws to cut through debris and through mangled cars but then saws presented them with a new problem-they often created sparks (which could lead to fire) and are very slow and inefficient. In English speaking nations such as in United States and Europe these tools are referred to as Jaws of Life.

There are varieties of devices that the rescue teams use like the ram (used for shattering the mangled and broken pieces), cutter (used for cutting and removing anything blocking the victim’s path), spreader (a tool with a narrow tip which can be inserted in a small gap which then uses hydraulic pressure to widen the gap). Many a time the rescue department and the fire department use a combination of all tools in case of accidents. This ensures fast action and in many times saves the victim’s life. Jaws of Life has helped save many lives since its discovery and has made the work of fire fighters and rescue teams easier.

In most cases a separate power unit generates power that creates the hydraulic pressure that make these machines work. Jaws of Life owes its development to Hurst Performance, Pennsylvania, however it was not possible to develop this “death fighter” unless Tim Smith and Mike Brick developed the original and first hydraulic spear in 1972. Later they developed the cutter and the hydraulic ram. The device gets its name from people after they observed that these devices are so useful that they literally snatch victims from the “Jaws of Death” and hence people call the device by this name till today. Today these devices and tools are fitted with “cutting edge” technologies that can “cut”, “destroy” or “shatter” anything. They can remove all the parts from a mangled car within minutes. Thus in the accident scenario these devices act as a life saver and till date they have saved many people’s lives.

These rescue tools are bought in action not only during auto accidents but also during emergency extrication of survivors stuck in concrete debris after earthquake, landslide, or other natural disasters. Jaws of Life are packed with amazing strength and agility due to their hydraulic mechanism.

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